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From my heart to your heart,
I have something to say,
You are the one
that can make my day!
When I need a helping hand
you are there without delay,
Your love and understanding
I can only hope to repay. Donnerstag, 01.06.06

If you ever need to talk,
if you ever need some cheer,
remember you have a friend
who always will be here...

She doesn't want a lot,
only to see your smile,
and just to see you happy,
she´ll walk that proverbial mile.

Always know she cares,
no matter what you do.
You´ll always find her there,
to give you hugs when you are blue. Donnerstag, 01.06.06

You're precious, this is true.
For you, there's nothing I wouldn't do.

No one means more to me, you see.
That's why I am there for you,

and you're there for me. Donnerstag, 01.06.06

I would like to give you a dozen roses...

For the joy I feel when I see you.
For loving me.
For your hug when I need one.
For spending time with me.
For your understanding of my needs.
For the special times we share.
For all the memories you have given me.
For always being there for me when I need you.
For the love I feel in my heart.
For the happiness you bring into my life.
For always listening to me.
For your unconditional friendship. Donnerstag, 01.06.06

A Friend Should Be Radical
They Shoueld Love You When You´re Unlovable
Hug You When You´re Unhuggable
And Bear You When You´re Unbearable

A Friend Should Be Fanatical
They Should Cheer When The Whole World Boos
Dance When You Get Good News
And Cry When You Cry Too

But Most Of All, A Friend Should Be Mathematical
They Should Multiply Your Joy
Divide Your Sorrow
Subtarct The Past
And Add To Tomorrow
Calculate The Need Deep In Your Heart
And Always Be Bigger Than The Sum Of All Your Parts Mittwoch, 24.05.06

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